A view of the 2015 wheat harvest of Limagne

The 2015 harvest was completed some 15 days in advance of normal. After a favourable climate from the beginning of May, high temperatures, coupled with a lack of humidity from the 15 May cut yield by 15 to 20%, with respect to last year, on the plains of the Limagne. Sloping and non-irrigated land were hit the worst. The yield may have been lower but the quality met that of the falling numbers being superior to 300, the PS is higher and the protein 0.5% higher. The only reservation was that the humidity of the grains was around 10 to 11% necessitating moisture and rest.

For the same variety we can expect significant differences as a result of the presence, or not, of irrigation. The work to ensure uniformity of each variety of cereal is one of the most indispensable, before any blending, in guaranteeing consistency of our flours.

Finally, on the question of price, despite the reduction in volume from the Limagne, this followed the world markets. Excepting catastrophe in Australia or elsewhere, the price should be in line with previous ones.

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